What happened in Design in the Age of Experience 2019?

Have a glimpse of what happened during Design in the Age of Experience 2019 below.

Interfaces by Morphosis

Day 1 - MATTER

“Few years ago, it was impossible to create this concept because it was too complex.” 
Patrick Jouin and Anne Asensio examine the importance of collaboration, collective intelligence and generative design in creating the TAMU chair prototype on the Future Talk: How much matter still matters?

Day 2 - HUMAN

“The idea that an architect or a designer alone is fully in charge of a project is a modern-day myth.” 
Professor Mario Carpo from University College London explains the relationship between the human and machine on the Future Talk: The Natural Logic of Artificial Intelligence

Day 3 - SPACE

"Design delivers business value only if it is embedded in the rest of organization, and for that you need commitment and investment. Design is leadership.”
 - Gianluca Brugnoli from McKinsey on how to get design right., on Future Talk: Unlocking the business value of design


Toshiko Mori, a Japanese architect and the founder of Toshiko Mori Architect, explains how she draws on science, art and social nature to design sustainable urban spaces.