Patrick Jouin Minimal Matter

To design sustainably with the least material possible, this is the way of the future. Since 2004 I’ve been drawing things that were not manufacturable at the time. Today we have the tools available to take us on these journeys of discovery I dreamt about, thanks to a new dialogue between the human mind and machine algorithms. Manufacturing has fallen into the habit of producing more material than necessary. But with the help of innovative digital technologies, we are now able to create with much more efficiency and less waste, even as early as the design process. At Design in the Age of Experience in Milan, we will be showcasing this journey of exploration about what material is and how we can create using the tension that exists within it. With the support of Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform, we are experimenting with new ways to transform the way products are designed and produced. We imagined a chair prototype called TAMU that is completely foldable, using the least material possible. Our aim is to employ material in intelligent ways, and use generative design to create shapes never thought of before. As a product designer today I find that the borders between form, function, and matter have be-come fluid as the design process itself becomes more organic. Previously designers were inspired by ‘organic’ as a style, but what is completely new is that designers are now inspired by the organic process itself, and how to emulate it. We are no longer thinking about design in terms of style, but we are thinking about it with an efficiency mindset. Nature is our inspiration. Sometimes we forget the logic that exists in nature, and the precision that accompanies the organic creation process. We are learning to design with similar precision. Patrick Jouin will be presenting a Future Talk in discussion with Anne Asensio on Tuesday April 9th at 1:30 pm. His TAMU chair will be showcased in the Design for Life Playground area.