Design for Life 2019 program

During Dassault Systèmes’ Design in the Age of Experience at Milan Design Week, renowned innovators, designers, and thought leaders will help us imagine ways to create a more regenerative, resilient and sustainable world. We are proud to announce some of the speakers who will participate in the Design for Life discussions between April 8th-14th at Superstudio Più. Toshiko Mori is an architectural force to reckon with. Her work on New York City public theatres, museums, and subways has adapted the city to a greener future while maintaining its rich history. On April 12th she will be sharing her ideas about the convergence of science and art in design. “Today’s design aims for circular and cyclical pattern to enhance connectivity and ecology. One way to expand design into complex world is to create diverse spheres to broaden its influence. One can conceive it as orbits to imagine a world of dynamic interactions.” Toshiko Mori

Anna Bernagozzi is a professor of Design Theory and History at EnsAD (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) in Paris. She is also part of the European Union’s 4Cs Initiative: From Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture. Anna uses her design knowledge for conflict resolution. She will take part in an open conversation on April 10th about how we can empower future designers. “In this time of global questioning, designers have to be educated in order to be capable to pose the right questions and create desirable and thus shareable narratives with the purpose of fostering the most meaningful actions to assure human survival.” - Anna Bernagozzi

Another speaker is Claudio Capelli, a researcher in biomedical engineering at University College Lon-don & Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. He recently led a team which created a VR applica-tion to treat children with heart problems. Claudio will present his findings during an interactive ses-sion called Design Stories on April 13th. “The human heart has been studied for centuries as the engine of the cardiovascular system. Cardio-vascular diseases, however, remain the main cause of death in the western world. In this presentation, I will show how modern medicine is embracing computational tools.” - Claudio Capelli  

Oke Hauser is the Creative Lead for MINI LIVING, a brand that ventures into the future of urban housing. Oke will participate in an Open Conversation on April 12th about Design as Action for Social Change. “Design is what makes our world human after all. Social and empathic concepts connecting people are key to build resilient urban futures.” - Oke Hauser 

Lambert Trénoras, the co-founder of Gyrolift SAS, will be presenting the Gyrolift Design Story on the morning of April 10. He says that design can be source of inclusivity. “With Gyrolift we are seeking to promote inclusive mobility, developed mobility device for both valid and reduced mobility users. We are convinced that with the design, we can remove the stigmatization caused by the medical device and change the human experience.” - Lambert Trénoras 

We look forward to seeing you at Design in the Age of Experience.