Worldwide Conference for Sustainable Innovation
April 8-14 2019 | Milan Design Week | Italy

Design for Life

The quest for progress in the world has strained our planet. 
The time has come to replace our linear take-make-throw approach with one that is circular: produce-use-replenish. 
For humanity to prosper, we must live in harmony with the environment that we inhabit, blending the needs of society with the integrity of nature.
Our focus must be on designing a more sustainable, resilient and regenerative world; and pioneering innovations 
that drive change in our cities, mobility, energy use, and daily endeavors. Dassault Systèmes provides the environment to improve the world beyond our imaginations. 
Now is the time to develop the sustainable world of tomorrow 

Design in the Age of Experience connects you with top influencers in the global design community to reimagine the future. 
You will discover how leading designers embrace digitalization and accelerate innovation to create a better life.

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